Connect With ATRA

Connect with ATRA

ATRA HQ is based in Helsinki, Finland. We are active in Nordics, Baltics, Berlin and California / San Francisco. Please get in contact and let's create some magic for the future of humankind.

Tommi Ullgrén
Our offices
ATRA HQ is based in Helsinki, Finland. Our Helsinki office is co-located with several local impact companies. Warmly welcome to visit us.
ATRA Innovations
Messipojankuja 4
FI-00180 Helsinki
Finland, Europe
Tommi Ullgrén
Email: firstname.lastname @ (use e instead of é)
Phone:+358 40 7794049 (also WA / Telegram / Signal)
Entrepreneur with an impactful idea or product?
We are always open to a good discussion online on Zoom or over a lunch in Helsinki. Make a move and drop a message to us.
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