About Us
We’re a group of postmodern people who create transformative businesses to positively impact people and planet

ATRA Innovations (Advanced Technology Research Alliance) is a purpose-driven international initiative and network of collaborators that supports transformative entrepreneurs and impact startups. We focus on scalable regenerative technologies that have a high net-positive impact on people or planet.

Our main focus areas are:
A) Holistic wellbeing: humans are physical, mental and conscious beings. We create solutions and solutions to support living longer, healthier and happier. Quantum biology, biohacking, vibrational medicine and energy healing are out of interest in the projects we are connected with.

B) Applications related to human consciousness: our mind and consciousness are keys to deeper insights. Altered states of consciousness and flow state can enable us connecting to our true self with new insights. New ways of utilising IT, VR/AR applications, universal geometry as consciousness resonating language and plant medicine are the most relevant areas we work on.

C) Emerging energy technologies: current energy ecosystem is based on exploiting nature resources and for the future we need to find solutions beyond basic wind or solar energy solutions. New ways to produce and store energy, solutions improving aggregate efficiency of existing power plants and LENR (low energy nuclear reactions) are some of the key areas of interest in this space.

ATRA network consists of world-class scientists, inventors, DIY engineers, mentors, investors and transformative entrepreneurs globally. We start from validating the solution to be developed. When fundamentals have been proven we create a spinoff company with dedicated team, funding and impactful business plan for the future. Our goal is to enable conscious entrepreneurs to work efficiently on solutions and deep technologies that have a potential to positively influence lives of billion+ people.

Core of the operations comes from the awareness and self-development of the key people involved In the projects: you can only solve problems on the level of wisdom you have. We encourage entrepreneurs to first work on themselves with variety of practices. Our support includes mentoring, coaching and best practises for self-discovery.

ATRA is currently organised as limited company based in Helsinki (Finland) with extensive network in the Nordics, Baltics, Berlin and California. Future legal entity will be a foundation that protects our planet for generations to come. ATRA manages funds that enable portfolio investing on the most inspiring impact startups.

ATRA is facilitated by Mr Tommi Ullgrén who has dedicated his work for supporting creation of earth-positive and regenerative deep technologies. Our secret sauce is the combination of rational science and deeper intuitive understanding on our reality. We use intuitive information extensively to support our projects and ventures.

What we are best at

Our Services for Impact Startups

Network of Experts
We have versatile and highly skilled network of scientists, experts and artists to support your path.
Deep Mentoring
Path of an entrepreneur can be a tough one. The most important basis is our own mental health and capability to learn or adapt. We support this on a deep level.
Impact Funding
Any business needs fuel and in current ecosystem it means money. We help and support in finding the correct impact investors to refuel your business.
Entrepreneur with an impactful idea or product?
We are always open to a good discussion online on Zoom or over a lunch in Helsinki. Make a move and drop a message to us.
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