Impact Inside
Our higher purpose is to enable conscious living for human beings on the planet earth in resonating co-operation with the nature.
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Our mission is to support transformative entrepreneurs and impact startups to create methods and technologies related to holistic wellbeing, evolution of human consciousness and emerging energy technologies.

Who we are

ATRA (Advanced Technology Research Alliance) is a self-organised and international collaborative of around 40 people. We have transformative entrepreneurs, skilled scientists, impact investors, inventors, do-it-yourself engineers and conscious influencers in our trust network.

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What we do

In the long run our work enables:
1) People living longer, happier and healthier
2) Deeper connection to our inner self with reflection to our shared consciousness
3) Distributed, non-pollutive and safe ecosystem for nearly abundant energy production beyond wind or solar

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Entrepreneur with an impactful idea or product?
We are always open to a good discussion online on Zoom or over a lunch in Helsinki. Make a move and drop a message to us.
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